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IREX Releases a Comprehensive Platform Documentation for Partners and End-Users

IREX announces new online documentation with intuitive navigation, step-by-step instructions, video demos, and dark mode.

The documentation contains 6 books:

1. Overview
For All Users: learn about product features, video analytics, and security

2. Monitor, Search, Collaborate
For End-Users: learn how to use IREX, monitor threats, search events, collaborate

3. Set Up, Manage, Comply
For System Administrator: set up and manage IREX based on your business need

4. Install, Upgrade, Scale (under development)
For System Integrators: install an IREX instance on your hardware infrastructure

5. Integrate and Extend
For Software Engineers: learn about IREX APIs and integration option

6. Do Business with IREX
For Authorized Partners: learn how to sell IREX and qualify IREX clients

Features Pages:

The documentation is available at