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IREX Unveils Advanced Map Labeling to Enhance Real-Time Situational Awareness in Crime Centers

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IREX, a global leader in ethical AI solutions, today announced a significant enhancement to its interactive map feature. Building upon its robust ecosystem of cloud-based video services, the new capability will offer an enriched visual experience for public safety agencies, local governments, campus security teams, transportation authorities, and others.
Previously limited to showcasing only the cameras and sensors directly connected to the IREX platform, the latest update introduces the ability to create, display, and manage geopositional labels. These labels provide a multi-layered metadata view, encapsulating third-party sensors, including private video surveillance networks, video doorbells, and even weather and air quality stations. This development ensures a comprehensive understanding of the environment, amplifying operators' situational awareness.
Importantly, the new Map Label feature drastically improves the efficiency of operator responses in Control Rooms. By offering enhanced details about information sources in the vicinity of incidents, operators can make informed decisions swiftly. Furthermore, the feature aids in expediting investigations, as it provides direct links to third-party data sources, ensuring a reduction in the time taken to gather crucial information.

Key Features of the Map Label Update

  • Access Control: Ensuring data security and access management, map labels can be delegated across various user groups within the IREX platform. Only those with the requisite access rights can view these labels, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized personnel.
  • Customizable Label Types with Icons: Facilitating seamless organization, users can now distinguish IoT devices on the map using icons. This feature offers flexibility, allowing for the creation of custom types accompanied by unique icons, tailoring the visual experience to individual needs.
  • Enhanced Label Descriptions: These descriptions provide detailed insights, accommodating rich text and even URIs to external IoT devices. Users can swiftly access these devices by clicking links directly from the map, complete with relevant access credentials and technical support contacts.
In tandem with its partnership with the National Child Protection Task Force, IREX continues to manifest its commitment to public safety, all while upholding the highest standards of human rights and ethical considerations. This enhancement marks yet another stride in IREX’s journey towards a safer and more informed world.