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Demo: Permission Management for IREX Smart Cities

The IREX platform enables cities to create unified infrastructure for AI and Big Data that can be shared with Government Authorities, Transportation Agencies, Businesses, Law Enforcement, and other organizations. 
Unlike the mainstream video management system (VMS), IREX provides Multi-Tenancy, Enterprise Access Management, and Secure REST API:


Different organizations can use a single IREX instance without interfering with each other. Unless configured on purpose, an organization will not see other organizations' users and resources such as cameras, IoTs, floor plans, tags, users, alert monitors, people databases.

Enterprise Access Management

IREX supports hierarchical user groups, user roles (e.g. Camera Manager, Group Manager), and searchable logs. 


The access control model is extended to the IREX API. Third-party applications can use JSON Web Tokens (JWT) with asymmetric signatures. The signature keys are randomly generated and updated on regular basis.