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IREX Deployed in a Florida Pharmacy Chain

Corporate Partnership

The cloud solution provides health surveillance detects fevers, and nefarious threats

IREX Inc. has deployed its AI-Powered collaboration platform for security. The state-of-the-art system helps to maintain customer health and safety for Continental Rx Pharmacy Corp. in Florida.
There is no doubt that collaborative security will become one of the most powerful tools for public safety, including customer safety in crowded facilities. IREX’s launch has proven that artificial intelligence helps to respond to emergency situations in the quickest, smoothest and effective manner”, – said. Javier Peral, CEO of Continental Rx Pharmacy .
The project started with a limited focus on loss prevention. Continental Rx Pharmacy is now interested in further IREX deployment across the board by exploring the usage of thermal imaging cameras to measure the temperature of customers before they enter the store.
The system provides health surveillance by alerting businesses when people with elevated temperature are on the premises. IREX can also monitor for social distancing and will help prevent the spread of infection within the secured perimeter. The initiative is aimed at preserving and maintaining pre-pandemic lifestyles, with minimum interference, while using high tech solutions to monitor and detect health risks.
Irex has seen increased demand since it has combined facial recognition, image recognition with heat cameras.