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IREX announces partnership with Visium Technologies, a provider of world-class real-time cybersecurity, context-focused analysis, and predictive visualization technologies

Visium Technologies, Inc, ("Visium" or the "Company") (OTCMKTS:VISM) a provider of world-class real-time cybersecurity, context-focused analysis, and predictive visualization technologies, announced today that it has entered into an integration and partnership agreement with IREX AI, Inc., the premier provider of video-based solutions that empower city governments, public safety, organizations, transportation authorities, and service providers with an Ethical AI and Big Data platform.

Mark Lucky, Visium CEO, commented “We are pleased to be partnering with IREX, the leader in the race for Ethical AI and video analytics. They have a track record of success and rapid growth, and we see our TruContextTM technology providing meaningful analytic, connected data and context focused enhancements to their current and future customers. IREX competes in the rapidly growing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance market that is currently estimated at $86 billion. TruContextTM will provide significant enhancements to the IREX Ethical AI platform by mapping and overlaying threat detection, People Analytics, and geolocation data onto its existing video and imaging representations to create a comprehensive dashboard to solve crime faster by considering the full context.

Calvin Yadav, IREX CEO, added “There is no denying that public safety is being driven by digital transformation and investment in smart cities. We are excited to team up IREX’s SearchveillanceTM technology with Visium’s groundbreaking TruContextTM . Co-joining Visium with the powerful Ethical AI engine of IREX makes the world’s first Real-Time intelligence whiteboard with video & image validation technology called ELI (Ethical Layered Intelligence). ELI will change the game by shaving months from investigation(s) for Federal & local law enforcement or Military reconnaissance missions. Working with Visium and the enhancements that their TruContext technology provides to our Ethical Artificial Intelligence platform helps our customers to make decisions in real-time.
About Visium Technologies, Inc.

Visium Technologies, Inc. (OTC: VISM) is a Florida corporation based in Fairfax, Virginia, focused on providing context enabling global cybersecurity clarity, using machine learning and advanced algorithms to support enterprises in protecting their most valuable assets - their data, business applications, and IoT on their networks and in the cloud.

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