Deep Learning / Computer Vision engineer

About Us
Due to strong growth, IREX has an exciting opportunity for an expert in video and image analysis, pattern recognition and machine (deep) learning. Our vacancy is for those who have and want to expand their expertise in the field of machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, computer vision.

Your Project
The IREX platform includes services in Java, Go, C ++ deployed as containers under Kubernetes. You will be a part of a team of experienced engineers working with video processing, video analytics, developing high-load services.

Your Job
Examples of tasks: Detection and recognition of faces, license plates and other objects, video content analysis, detection of various events on video.

Python, C++, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Scikit-learn, PyTorch, Lightning, DVC, Mlflow, OpenCV, OpenVINO, OnnxRT, Docker.

Our qualification expectations:
  • 3+ years of experience in machine learning, neural network technologies;
  • good knowledge of algorithms and data structures, probability theory and linear algebra;
  • confident knowledge of computer vision algorithms;
  • confident knowledge in Python + standard Python pool: numpy, pandas, scikit;
  • experience with one of the DL frameworks: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras;
  • experience with OpenCV.

As a plus:
  • optimization of algorithms for CPU / GPU;
  • experience in C / C ++, STL development;
  • experience with frameworks for neural network inference (OpenVino / ONNX Runtime / TensorRT).