IREX Global Trend – Unifying All Existing Cameras

Possessing a strong global footprint, IREX is now deployed in every continent at city-wide and nation-wide scale. This mass adoption of IREX has helped both the developers of the IREX technology and the Ethics/ Compliance teams to learn from different environments, policies and cultures.
“Nations and cities around the world seemingly have the common issue of being disjointed and disorganised when it comes to surveillance cameras.” - Daniel Eborall, IREX Global Business Director

Unifying All Existing Cameras - The Common Factor

A common theme in all cities and countries is the existing infrastructure being composed of different camera brands, makes and models – meaning a lack of coordination in approach, response and public safety.

With IREX technology being device agnostic, the technology successfully now unified both cities and nations around the world with all their existing and new surveillance cameras. This has been a huge step forward in merging AI, big data and public safety components creating a unified, ethical method to surveillance.
Once all cameras are unified and under the IREX platform, the ability to perform google-like searches across an unlimited number of cameras has provided enormous benefits. The capabilities of IREX to allow it’s users to search for a specific event, person or vehicle is revolutionary in terms of getting accurate, real-time information at a rate that is unparalleled worldwide.

See below an example of How IREX Searchveillance™ Helps Cities to Be Safer and More Efficient