Local positioning of people and vehicles


Originally published: SafetyCommunity

Special technical means of local positioning of people and vehicles at coronavirus safety on the basis of RTLS (real-time localization) and RFID (radio frequency identification) technologies allow to control in real time the location and movement of people, vehicles, cargo and other objects. They can be used indoors and outdoors, in various weather conditions.

The systems include tags for marking (tagging, marking) objects, antennas, information readers, printers for RFID tags, special software, server equipment, integration platforms and databases.

Systems of fever detection in public work independently – at the expense of it’s own hardware. Data transmission takes place via a digital noise-protected radio channel. The role of the satellites is performed by the access points of the systems installed in such a way as to provide continuous coverage of the controlled zones.

Systems on the basis of means RTLS and RFID on objects with mass stay of people can solve following problems:

  • control access of people and vehicles to protected objects (territories);
  • control of various technological processes;
  • automation of object accounting;
  • record of working hours (for example, security personnel, maintenance personnel, etc.);
  • control of the current location and trajectory of movement of people, vehicles, construction equipment and other objects in real time within the boundaries of controlled premises and territories
  • calculating, monitoring and analysing route lengthsprovision of security personnel, object personnel with digital communication, possibility of two-way or multilateral voice communication, recording of conversations, connection of a conversation to a fixed telephone network of the enterprise or any other object (for RTLS systems)
  • detection of the object of observation within the boundaries of the controlled territory or building and automatic connection of video tracking of the object
  • alarm transmission (for RTLS systems)
  • crowd control

The principle of operation of RTLS systems is very simple: specialized equipment is placed around the perimeter of the room – access points that measure the distance from themselves to mobile tags. Knowing the distance from a mobile device to at least three access points, the system determines the location of the object quite accurately. As a basis for such solutions can be used RFID technology, Wi-Fi, Ultra Wide Band technology, as well as the radio standard IEEE 802.15.4a (Chirp Spread Spectrum).

The choice of any of these technologies largely depends on the specific task and the objects under control. For example; if the territory is large, it is more correct to use CSS technologies. With a very high number of objects under control, the cost of mobile devices is extremely critical. In this case, it makes sense to use cheap RFID tags.

It should be noted that RTLS and RFID are produced by IREX International and in terms of their characteristics are not inferior to their analogues, and in some characteristics are superior to them.