What is Special about the IREX Map and Floor Plans?

IREX renders thousands of cameras and IoT devices on its scalable map that can be augmented with detailed floor plans of public venues.

Smart Clustering: The map is always tidy and well-organized regardless of the display zoom and sensor density. IREX groups all the devices depending on the scale level, effective permissions, and search filters.

Floor Plans: Large public venues, transportation hubs, and residential areas come with detailed floor plans. For ease of navigation, each camera or IoT device can be positioned simultaneously on the big map and relevant floor plan(s). Users can upload plans as JPG or PNG images.

Instant Preview: Simply drag your mouse over a sensor and you will get a live preview.

Offline / Private Network Access: The IREX map and floor plans are stored in your secure private cloud. The IREX service will remain available if the public map site or the Internet connection is down.

Editable Map: Missing an address or road? The IREX map is based on OpenStreetMap data, so it be edited with standard tools.