IREX Success Stories - Preventing Organized Crime in Retail Theft

Organized crime for retail theft has sky-rocketed in the western world since the pandemic, with The National Retail Federation now reporting that losses are exceeding $100 billion annually.

This is an issue IREX has been assisting globally since 2019, with many success stories to boast. Possessing the world largest neural network capabilities in video analytics, IREX has been tasked with protecting billions of assets each year.

IREX Success Story, August 2023

Last month, IREX managed to trigger an alert to security staff when a wanted individual attempted to enter a luxury retailer when he was detected under the video cameras by IREX. This was a major coup for local law enforcement who had been searching for the wanted individual for a prolonged period of time.
IREX has now used its suite of AI-powered security-based algorithms to good use in the following case studies to help prevent the ever-growing crime in retail:
  • Gang Violence
  • Suspect Detection
  • Weapon Detection
  • Loitering Detection
  • Unattended Items
  • Anti-Social Behavior
See below a video on: How to use IREX Alarm Monitors to Get Notified about Public Safety Threats