Security systems with large crowds of people and what are they for?

Original publication: WowGold-it

Although security research has been ongoing for many years, no universal system currently exists. The daily work of specialists is linked to specific practical tasks and, based on the results achieved, a cumulative knowledge base and different methods can be added, from which two conclusions emerge:

  • The most fruitful is a thorough description of the facts about the processes and phenomena in the spaces of mass accumulation of people, identification of existing regularities.
  • It is possible to develop a more accurate, formalized description of a number of processes on the basis of mathematics.

Hazardous situation patterns

The sad experience of terrorist acts committed in recent years in places of spectacle, mass beatings of fans and clashes in the crowd against the background of interethnic conflicts. Recent events related to viral infections and the adoption of coronavirus safety measures show that the theory of dangerous scenario development in places of mass congregation is not very successful.

Therefore, it is advisable to use the interpretation of tasks when investigating dangerous scenarios in crowded areas, based on the ways Irex has proposed, which have already led to success in other security areas.

Simulation modeling of safe social distancing

Prevention plays a special role in ensuring the safety of facilities with a mass presence of people and places of mass events, aimed at preventing the implementation of threats to public and personal security of citizens.

preventive operational measures, aimed at special technical protection of facilities/places of mass stay are of great importance.

It should be noted that no universal, technical means capable of promptly detecting, identifying, localizing and suppressing various threats to security can be used to solve security problems.

Only the complex of special technical means can really counteract threats and its efficiency will be higher, the more deeply the regulations of application of it’s components will be worked out.

Experts in the field of safety the system of innovative means of emergency revealing of safety threats of various character, signs of preparation for fulfillment of illegal actions and timely reaction to them can be offered.

One of the possible ways of solving these contradictions can be the development and implementation of mathematical and simulation modeling of processes to ensure safety and prevent the development of dangerous scenarios in places of mass accumulation of people.

The task of simulation modeling in our case is to reproduce in time and space the forces and means to ensure order at spectacular events and rallies.

Leaving out the terms and definitions in relation to this topic, however, we will consider such requirements to themodel as commonality, stability, invariability and adequacy to be obligatory. Let’s consider, what initial data is possible to rely at formation of the administrative decision within the limits of safety maintenance on the specified objects.

When exercising control over the territory where spectacular events are held with a large number of people, depending on the tasks at the entrance to the facility may be using various physical methods (X-ray, gas analysis, nuclear quadrupole resonance, neutron, etc.) to detect explosives and explosive devices on the body and in clothing, in hand luggage and luggage of passengers. In addition, it is possible to arrange inspection of outer clothing, headgear, etc. using X-ray television introscope. Examinations for the possible presence of an explosive device on a radiographic scanner cannot be excluded. The requirements for security in crowded areas include perimeter fencing, video surveillance and recording systems, security and alarm systems, alarm lighting, emergency lighting and power supply.