What is the IREX Technology Transfer?

Meeting the demand from public sector clients outside the United States, IREX has developed a technology transfer framework. This enables these clients to purchase the IREX platform and acquire full control of the technology in order to guarantee the supply chain and compliance for their specific region. The technology transfer can also be a foundation to build strategic competencies in AI and Big Data.

IREX empowers city governments, public safety organizations, transportation authorities, and service providers with an Ethical AI and Big Data platform. The IREX Smart City Platform connects cameras and sensors to a secure private cloud, analyzing data in real-time and providing vital, proactive opportunities to prevent security and safety incidents.

IREX Smart City Platform is a turnkey software solution that can be deployed on standard hardware on-premise or in a trusted data center of choice by the client. The platform leverages open-source projects in AI, Big Data, and Cloud Computing to help improve government efficiency and sustainability.

The IREX technology transfer framework provides:
  • An exclusive perpetual source code license to use, reproduce, integrate, modify the IREX Smart City  Platform and all its components throughout the territory of the country. 
  • Nationwide deployment of the platform instance from a data center of choice by the client.
  • Creation of an AI Competence Center to support and develop the IREX platform as well as other AI projects for the client (option).
  • National certifications to ensure security and service availability.
  • Customizing and localizing of the platform (e.g. the interface in the local language, re-branding, integration with local government databases and IT systems)
  • 24/7 monitoring, technical support, updates, staff training for 5 years or more