How Video Analytics Can Play a Crucial Role in Response to Fire Threats

IREX Smart City Platform includes an AI-powered detector for smoke and fire as standard.

Unlike traditional smoke detectors, IREX fire analytics has very important benefits:
  • Superior Distance: a video-based detector running on a Full HD camera can spot fire up to 300 feet (100 meters) in indoor and outdoor environments, much earlier than traditional smoke detectors, as it takes time for smoke or heat to spread.
  • Visual Verification: IREX sends notifications to control rooms and messengers with a snapshot of the fire threat enabling agents and stakeholders to verify the alarm. For example, the snapshot can help to distinguish someone smoking from a real fire.
  • Low Cost: virtually any existing camera can be turned into an intelligent fire and smoke detector. No additional sensors needed to be deployed.

IREX Fire Video Analytics is not certified in accordance with ANSI/UL 268: Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarm Systems (Commercial) in the United States and EN 14604: Smoke Alarm Devices, EN 54-7 Part 7: Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems in the European Union, however, the IREX module can be used as a secondary detector to reduce the response time and to bring an additional layer of fire safety.

  • Public Transport (tunnels, railway stations, parking, metro)
  • Critical Infrastructure (power stations, gas stations)