Top 10 Video AI Modules for Public Safety

IREX has developed over 20 video analtyics modules for public safety threat detection and pre-incident threat intelligence.  IREX modules can detect:
  1. Dangerous crowding (for transport safety and social distancing during pandemics)
  2. Mass shooters with weapons (handguns, rifles, and knives)
  3. Unattended items (bags, rucksacks, boxes)
  4. People on railway tracks or in tunnels
  5. Fire and smoke (long-distance fire detection using CCTV cameras)
  6. Wanted fugitives and/or unauthorized staff (using face recognition)
  7. Wanted and/or unauthorized vehicles (using license plate recognition)
  8. Emergency exit and fire zone parking
  9. Intrusions at critical infrastructure and borders
  10. Traffic congestion (caused by accidents, weather conditions, or vehicle flow)

IREX can also integrate third-party AI services with its REST API.

IREX Video Analytics Modules:
  • Connect to existing cameras in cities, not need to replace the edge hardware
  • Generate an alarm in less than a second
  • Send real-time alerts to Control Rooms and connected mobile devices
  • Record video and snapshots in the searchable storage