Real-Time Alerts and Collaborative Security: Saving time saves lives

When bad things happen, there is no time to waste. Time is often the deciding factor. When fire breaks out, or there is a seriously injured person lying in the street who hasn’t got long, or a child has been snatched in a certain area of the city, fast response becomes crucial.
With Real-Time Alerts from AI-powered systems, you will receive instant notifications concerning public safety long before traditional emergency calls reach the appropriate agencies. So, the First Response teams will be able to get to the incident locally and in good time.
Such events coming from CCTV cameras include detecting weapons, vandalism, unattended items, safety violations, fires, road accidents, crowd-related dangers, etc. You can view these events unfold before your eyes in real time on the alarm monitor using the inbuilt player with a wide range of options, review snapshots and play videos, both live and archived. You can locate these events on the interactive map, build routes and trace people, vehicles and items of interest almost instantly.

Time is everything.

Response times are dramatically reduced by connecting AI to city-run CCTV cameras and processing alerts simultaneously from multiple monitors. Thinking of a collaborative work environment? So do it. Create a Virtual Control Room shared with city departments, first responders, security services, monitoring agents and other relevant parties. Access it from your office, or remotely from home and outdoors. Receive real-time alerts and track progress on any device.
Imagine a criminal walks into a shop, pulls out a gun, and demands the cashier to open the till and keep their hands above it. The cashier is at gunpoint and can’t hit the panic button, praying for help. What is the chance that at this same moment someone else is watching the CCTV installed at the checkout? Video analytics instantly pick up this event without the operator’s action as soon as smart algorithms detect a weapon. System operators, security, police and even the shop owner immediately receive a real-time alert. So, the cashier doesn’t have to risk their life in order to hit the panic button. Everything is done by video analytics, which instantly recognize the threat and send an alarm notification to all parties concerned in the blink of an eye. These seconds are not for the sake of money, but for the sake of a person's life and the fate of his family.
For parents, it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of their young active kids in busy environments. By using cameras and software to detect and identify faces, video analytics can alert the parents if their child wanders away from them or gets lost in a crowd. This can prevent the risk of losing a child in a shopping mall or other public places in real time, when and where it happens, and provide peace of mind and security for both the parents and the child.
More real life examples? An elderly or disabled person suddenly gets unwell and falls on the railway tracks at a subway station. It’s midnight, no one on the platform, and an unconscious man is lying on the rails. In a few minutes, a train will pass through this station. But as soon as the smart cameras picked up a person lying on the tracks, the station attendant had already stopped the train and sent a rescue team to the man. So, someone’s dad and granddad returned to their family alive, and so did the passengers of the train.
This is exactly what IREX Ethical AI does. Moreover, with IREX, multiple agencies can receive alerts and collaborate in messenger. IREX creates group chats for each Alarm Monitor. This allows instant access and analysis of people, vehicles and other events, either in web browsers or on mobile devices, apps available for Android and iOS. So every member can receive real-time alerts in group chats. Group members can comment on alerts and upload / share additional media evidence. Mobile users can upload video evidence to the IREX Secure Cloud.
ATTN: IREX does not use public clouds. It’s deployed in a separate secure private cloud for each client by default. This approach allows each company or agency to configure individual policies.
IREX instantly detects public safety threats with Computer Vision AI and sends instant messages to authorized staff in relevant agencies. IREX AI can detect dangerous crowds, weapons, unattended items and any kind of safety violations, just to name a few.
So don’t waste the time, start receiving Real-Time Alerts and ensure efficient work collaboration with IREX Ethical AI.
Saving time saves lives.