IREX’s Trailblazing use of Psychology in the Development of AI Modules

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California, United States - 20 June, 2022: has begun showcasing the importance of how Psychology plays a role in the development, improvement & ethics of AI-Powered Video Analytics.

IREX Director, Daniel Eborall recently held an open webinar with IREX Behavior Analyst & Board Certified Psychologist, Gerron Cooper, M. Sc, BCBA, LBA. The webinar, “Exploring the Psychology behind AI Video Analytics” has gained fantastic feedback from both the public and private sector, including; mayors, police chiefs, government officials and tech advisory boards. 

Psychology has taken a huge role within AI Video Analytics, this was echoed with IREX Behavior Analyst, Gerron explaining: 
“I see psychology playing a leading, if not, co-leading role in the development of Ethical AI and Video Analytics. Because we are trying to replicate what human beings already do - so it’s important to continually involve the people who understand human beings as much as anyone understands anyone to then inform those decisions being made in terms of programming, the AI learning paths and the neural networks.” 

Recent tragedies across the United States regarding mass shootings have been a long-standing problem and with the development of IREX’s AI-powered Weapon Detection module in their portfolio, Daniel & Gerron discussed the complexities of developing, maintaining and improving this:

Although the development of AI modules is gearing towards a long-standing marriage between engineers and psychologists - the societal impact is also something IREX’s ethics and psychology team has taken into account. See below a short extract from the full webinar:

As IREX continues to trailblaze, set standards and innovate for the world’s public safety - Ethical AI is always at the forefront to help protect lives. For the full webinar please see the video below: