Transparency by Design: Logging, Reporting, and Auditing

Demos AI Ethics
IREX’s mission is to create transparent policing and ultimately build trust between Law Enforcement and society.\
To fulfill this mission, IREX records a detailed log about all actionable items, from user login to data export. In particular, IREX logs high risk actions such as adding suspects or vehicle to databases, running a search query by photo and accessing personal data. The log is fully searchable and auditable, protecting both Law Enforcement and society.
IREX records the following data:
  • User Name
  • Date and Time
  • Action Type
  • Relevant Resources (e.g. cameras, user groups, floor plans, suspect lists)
As shown in the above demo, authorized users and external auditors can create reports in few mouse clicks and export the logs to CSV to perform statistical analysis of usage patterns and detect abnormal behaviour. The logs can also be automatically exported and retained for an indefinite period of time in a custody.