Crowd Analytics: How to React Quicker to Dangerous Crowding in Cities and Stadiums

Recent crowding issues, in particular at Wembley Stadium, London have brought security and security practices under scrutiny. What is available to organizations, cities, municipalities, stadiums, and others?

IREX has developed Artificial Intelligence modules to notify and alert key personnel and departments when crowding starts to appear.

IREX Crowd Analytics Module enables:
  • Real-time alerts:  IREX sends notifications to control rooms and messengers once the number of people or their density reaches a critical threshold. 
  • Tripwire Counting: IREX quantifies dense foot traffic using street cameras from different angles of view and outputs the data to third-party analytics systems (e.g. Google Data Studio).
  • People Statistics: IREX streams the number of people to third-party analytics platforms to model the flow and predict dangerous overcrowding.

Watch a Crowd Analytics Module demo on YouTube