IREX Smart Video Surveillance

Original publication:Tech Tanic

Effective video surveillance tasks are solved using network cameras with built-in intelligent technologies. IREX’s smart video surveillance system is conducting an enhanced search for violators of social distancing and mask mandates during the pandemic period. Video cameras are equipped with an intelligent video analytics system. They perform an automatic mode fixation of all illegal actions in view. Biometric technology allows it to recognize faces even in masks and glasses.

How to Organize Round-the-Clock Public Safety?

These tasks are exceptionally set for the developer of an effective video surveillance system. The tasks are solved only with the help of network cameras with a public space thermal imager function. When it comes to the up to date developments in this field, IREX seems to be the most authoritative agency in the world. IREX is a global corporation in the market of security and video surveillance. It makes a huge contribution to the fight against the spread of the deadly virus – COVID-19.

Thermal ip camera monitors crowded places 24 hours a day. They are: 

  1. stadiums
  2. markets
  3. public transportation stations
  4. sports fields, and so on

At the same time, during the image transference, no threats to personal data occur – all downloaded videos have a unique digital ID.


The main advantage of the intelligent IREX systems, in comparison with conventional video surveillance, is the automatic key features selection from the video stream without the operator’s involvement. The obtained data can be used for quick search in the video archive, sending alerts, and person quarantine verification.

IREX smart video surveillance reduces the cost of video monitoring and the human factor in part of detection and time response. Since a significant proportion of the video data in the video surveillance systems does not represent users’ interest, video analytics drastically reduce the load on communication channels and the archiving system by filtering unnecessary video data. Thus, the intelligent video surveillance system allows the following:

  1. automatically record suspicious behavior of observed objects;
  2. distinguish and identify the types of objects observed;
  3. determine the state of anxiety in accordance with the current rules;
  4. analyze events, both in real-time and through retrospective analysis;
  5. keep access to data and video in private.

Facial Recognition

The IREX system uses specialized video cameras with a built-in facial selection algorithm. Such a camera transmits only highlighted images in a separate stream. This minimizes the load on the data channels. For the information exchange between the camera and the server, it is sufficient to use the Wi-Fi network bandwidth. The system makes it possible to get an image of high quality, including unfavorable conditions of illumination – rear lighting, contrasting lateral shimmering.

IREX compares images with the faces referring to databases, real-time recognition, and alerts an operator in case of similarity. All photos of the allocated persons are stored in the archive. This helps to provide social distance control in the places of people’s mass gathering: at railway stations, in subways and airports, in stadiums, in concert halls, and other public places.

It should be noted that the IREX does not assign fines in automatic mode and is only a tool for fixing violations. Further, when the threat of coronavirus recedes, it is planned to consider the possibility of integrating the video surveillance system into the smart city improvement complex.