What are the performance accuracy indices of IREX video analytics modules?

Below are the performance indicators of the video analytics modules in the System:

ModuleAccuracy, %
Motion detection. An intelligent motion detection module95,83
Objects tracking (side view). Multi-purpose video analytics module for side view cameras and sparse events88,46
Objects tracking (side view) + rule. Multi-purpose video analytics module for side view cameras and sparse events with the application of rules and classifiers:
Abandoned item86,96
Motion in region85,38
Events classification91,67
Line crossing83,46
Face recognition. Module for detecting, tracking and identifying people according to biometric features of a person94,21
Number plate recognition. License plate recognition module
Republic of Belarus97,46
Republic of Azerbaijan89,82
Republic of Kazakhstan94,00
Russian Federation96,66
Smoke detection. Intelligent smoke detection module87,72
Traffic congestion detection. Traffic jam detection module99,76
Traffic conditions. Traffic violation detection module
Line crossing98,52
Motion in region99,39
Crowd detection. Crowd detection module outside and inside76,28
Sound detection. Audio detector for detecting cries, noise, gunshots and glass breaking93,76
Video quality. Video stream quality detector95,74

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