What are the main functions of IREX?

1 Motion detection The module is used to detect the intrusion of unauthorized persons into the protected area, as well as for video monitoring of small and medium-sized objects: apartments, entrances, offices, shops, etc. Motion detection is used to determine the presence of relevant motion in the observed scene.
2 Objects tracking The main area of application of the module is the perimeter protection of any length, designed to prevent intrusion into the protected area from the outside or escape from the inside. It is used to detect people, vehicles, and objects left in the surveillance zone. It is used to protect the perimeter of special facilities (borders, warehouses, prisons), in industrial and manufacturing plants, oil terminals, gas stations, health facilities, schools, and kindergartens.

The module is a tool for controlling the loitering on the site, attempts of vehicle lifting on parking lots, the installation of an explosive device on the railway track, unauthorized photo or video shooting, wall graffiti.

Detecting abandoned items (orphaned or forgotten things) allows the user to protect the surveillance area against the appearance of potentially threatening items, for example, of an explosive device, of the owner of the abandoned object on the public, trade and transport infrastructure: railway and bus stations, airports, underground, shopping centers.

3 Face recognition The module captures all the faces in the field of view, matches them against the database and submits the similarity rate for the matched faces.

Facial recognition module can be used for:

  • surveillance purposes in crowded places like an airport, a railway station, a subway, a sports complex, a restaurant, a casino, a shopping center, a cinema, a hotel and so on.
  • access control purposes on secure facilities, passport control points, border control, in law-enforcement agencies, ministries, medical centers, industrial companies, universities, libraries, schools, banks and so on.
4 Number plate recognition The module for recognition of state registration vehicle number plates provides with control, registration and identification of vehicles at any sites with the traffic of various intensity: parking lots, industrial enterprises, critical objects, road patrol service and municipal authorities, city transport flow control, search for stolen cars, etc.

The module is able to recognize number plates issued in more than 20 countries all over the world.

5 Smoke detection The early smoke detection module is designed to detect smoke by an image from a video camera, allowing the user to determine the source of the fire at a considerable distance from the camera much faster and more accurately, while conventional fire detectors work only when a fire or smoke is in close proximity to them.
The early smoke detection module is used to automatically detect smoke and fires:

  • in residential, administrative and industrial buildings, electrical switchboards;
  • in the defense industry, automatic fire suppression systems (for additional visual confirmation of the alarm);
  • in systems of fire detection on the closed platforms, oil terminals, airplanes hangars;
  • at sites where the use of standard fire detectors is difficult or impossible.
6 Traffic jam and parking The traffic jams detection module is designed to analyze traffic conditions, traffic congestion, monitor traffic flows, and identify traffic jams as well as to control parking zones and count the number of vacant parking spots. The module is used in parking lots, private compounds,  highways as well as city roads when special public events might take place.
7 Vehicles and traffic conditions Traffic violation detection and number plates recognition module is used to detect various types of violations in real-time as well as for calculating the average vehicle speed on the road with a speed limit. The PDDTrack module helps to detect violations where there are no traffic police officers and speed up the analysis of the situation during a traffic accident. The module is used on highways, at the crossroads and dedicated lanes of vehicles.
8 Crowd detection The Crowd detection module is used for indoor and outdoor perimeter protection for the early warning of public order violations. The module helps to timely detect and prevent dangerous moments: mass riots, crowding, pandemonium, etc. Crowd detection is ideal for monitoring public spaces, event venues, streets, parks, squares, railway stations, underground passages, shopping malls, educational institutions, and capacity restricted environments.
9 Sound detection The audio detector is capable of detecting and recognizing various sounds, such as gunshots, breaking glass, scream or loud sounds like a car alarm, loud music, etc. Sound detection can be used by security personnel for safety purposes in residential areas, social facilities, shopping malls, public places significantly reducing the response time of security personnel long before any visual clues pop up.
10 Video quality The video stream quality detector provides a comprehensive analysis of the quality of the video signal. It is used on all types of protected objects.
It is designed to provide continuous monitoring of the final devices (cameras) in order to detect technical malfunctions, as well as unauthorized external interference or sudden violation of observation conditions, sabotage, blocking the camera’s field of view with a foreign object, exposure, defocusing of the camera, and a video signal loss.

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