What are the basic requirements for CCTV cameras?

See below the basic requirements for video parameters to perform video content analysis:

Video stream resolutionAt least [email protected] (for TamperAlarm, AudioAlarm, BasicTrack, SideTrack, TopTrack, RailTrack, SmokeTrack, CrowdTrack);At least [email protected] (for TrafficTrack);
At least 1280х[email protected] (for FaceTrack, when using the transmission system);
At least 1920х[email protected] (for FaceTrack, when using in the streaming mode);
At least 1920х[email protected] (for NumberTrack).
Video bitrateConstant bitrate:for resolution 1920x1080px – 6 MBit/sec;
for resolution  1280x720px – 3,0 MBit/sec;
for resolution  720x576px – 1 MBit/sec.
Video stream typeRTSP (package type TCP/IP, UDP);codec H.264;ONVIF compatibility is required (PROFILE S, PROFILE G).
Electronic shutter lag
(Detection of plate numbers)
from 1/250s – at car speeds up to 30 km/h;
from 1/500s – at speeds up to 60 km/h;
from 1/1000c – at speeds up to 90 km/h;
from 1/5000s – at speeds up to 200 km/h.
Electronic shutter lag
(Face detection)
at least 1/100 s.
Electronic shutter lag
(Motion detection)
at least 1/50 s.
Audio codecG.711ulaw (8 бит 8Кгц моно), S/N ratio: at least 15 дБ.
Image typeBoth b / w and color images are supported.
(fish-eye effect)
The relative distortion of the image is not more than 1%.
S/N ratio> 50 dB.
Video qualityObserved objects should be well distinguishable, in focus, clear and contrasting with respect to the background.
Digital noise (as a superimposed mask of pixels of random color and brightness) should not distort the observed objects or their boundaries.
The camera compression algorithms should not distort the scene and the observed objects.
On the entire area of the frame and the camera lens, there should be no defocused zones, foreign objects (example – cobwebs).
In difficult weather conditions, such as snow, fog, rain, dust, and others, the quality of all video analysis modules can be significantly reduced.
It is not allowed to direct the projectors into the camera lens, the presence of lighting devices, including a flashing and stroboscopic type, is highly undesirable and leads to distortion of the video image and a decrease in the accuracy of video analytics.
Linear dimensions of objectsThe width and height of objects in the image should not be less than 1% of the frame size (at a resolution of 1920x1080px) or 15x15px.
The width and height of objects in the image should not exceed 70% of the frame size.
Linear dimensions of the object on the image for the modules for recognizing faces, plate numbers, and traffic rules are determined by the requirements for the specified modules.
Features of object motionThe speed of the object should not be less than 1 pixel per second.
To detect the movement of an object by video analytics, the duration of its visibility in the frame must be at least 1 second.
For continuous tracking, the object must move between two adjacent frames in the direction of travel for a distance not exceeding its size.
When identifying and recognizing faces, from the initial position to the final one, at least 20 frames per person (at least 2 seconds per frame) must be captured.
When identifying and recognizing car numbers, from the initial position to the final one, at least 15 frames per number (at least 1 second per frame) must be captured.

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