How many video analytics modules can run on one camera at the same time?

In the table below you can see how video and audio analytics modules are compatible with each other. 

Motion detectionObject tracking (side view)Traffic jam and parkingFace recognitionNumber plate recognitionTraffic conditionsSmoke detectionCrowd detectionVideo qualitySound detection
Video qualityyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Sound detection yes yesyes  yes yes yesyes yes  yes
Motion detection        yesyes yes 
Object tracking (side view)        yes yes yes
Traffic jam and parking        yes yes 
Traffic conditions       yes  yesyes 
Face recognition        yesyes yes 
Number plate recognition        yesyes yes 
Smoke detection       yes  yes yes
Crowd detection yesyes  yes yes  yes yes yesyes  yes

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