Can you provide the information on the difference between IREX and other solutions?

IREXOther video surveillance systems
Server platformsLinux familyFree softwareWindows familyProprietary software
Client platformsFull-fledged work through the web interfaceLinux, Windows, Android, and iOS clientsWindows client is required 
VirtualizationDocker containersNo cost for additional VM softwareFewer hardware resources requiredVirtual machines like VMware, etc.Significant costs for additional VM softwareMore hardware resources required
AnalyticsVideo and audio analytics based on deep learningHigh accuracy and generalization abilityVideo and audio analytics based on a motion detectorLow accuracy and limited use
Search in video arraysGlobal search in many placesBig Data IndexingSearch within one placeNo technology to work with Big Data
StorageCeph object storageLow cost, scalable and self-healingRAID-based file storageExpensive, non-scalable, complex recovery
Solution class Carrier-grade solution Unlimited number of usersUsable on different devicesObject-level solutionLimited number of usersOn a certain working place
InfrastructureCloud infrastructurein private or public networksNon-cloud infrastructurein private or public networks
Database Spark big data processingCassandra and Ignite distributed DBMSHorizontal (linear) scaling and self-healingNo work with big dataCentralized DBMS type like MS SQL ServerComplicated scaling without self-healing
OrchestrationKubernetes orchestrationAutomatic deployment, scaling, and controlFewer admins requiredNo Kubernetes orchestrationNo automatic deployment, scaling, and controlMore admins required
A geographic information systemSelf-contained scalable mapData sources are groupedSearch for objects and events on the mapMap-based on external service (Yandex, etc.)Data sources “crawl” against each otherNo possibility to search for objects and events on the map

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