Are there any requirements for face recognition cameras?

A certain camera position and view angle are required for high-quality face recognition.

Minimum requirements for parameters for facial recognition cameras.

Number of streamsSupport for dual stream with independent configuration.
Stream resolutionWith a recognition distance of 4m – not less than 1920x1080px;
With a recognition distance of up to 4m, at least 1280x720px.
Stream propertiesThe aspect ratio of the video should match the aspect ratio of the actual scene to prevent geometric distortion.Stream typeAspect ratioHD 1280×720 Constant Bitrate: 2.5 MBit/sec, 25 frames/sec16:9FullHD 1920×1080 Constant Bitrate: 4.0 MBit/sec, 25 frames/sec16:9If the image is distorted, the camera should transmit the correct SAR (DAR) parameter in the stream.
Frame rate25fps.
Keyframe (i-frame) intervalat least 1 keyframe per second
Focal length of the lensfrom 4mm.
Lens typeFixed (motorized varifocal is recommended).
Matrix1/1.8’’ Progressive Scan CMOS.
S/N ratio> 50 dB.
Photosensitivity0.002lc (F1.2) – 0.0002lc (F1.4).
Image enhancementHardware WDR from 120dB.
Electronic shutter lagfrom 1/100 s;slow shutter support.
Video сompressionH.264.
Video bitratefor the resolution of 1920x1080px – 4 MBit/sec;for the resolution of 1280x720px – 2.5 MBit / sec.
Working conditions
Environmental conditionsfrom -40 ° С to + 55 ° С (for video surveillance cameras) and from 0 ° С to + 55 ° С (for CCTV cameras of internal execution).

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