A Multi-Functional Platform Combining AI, Cloud and Big Data Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Person identification

Alarm detection

Audio detection

Vehicle identification

Multiple camera tracking

Object classification

Private Cloud

Background software updates

No single point of failure

Standard equipment

Big Data

Search across multiple locations

Unlimited search lists of humans and vehicles

Facial recognition filters

Video and Audio Content Search Based on Deep Learning

Locate objects and events in a most intuitive way, and minimizes time consuming video review.







3rd Party Events

General filters

Locations, cameras, date and time range, event priority, text tags and user comments

Specific filters

Type (human, car, truck, motorcycle etc) Motion trajectory (area of interest) Color

Crowding Loitering Intrusion Abandoned item Stopping

Photo Name or ID Face features (sex, age group, race group, hat, eye glasses, beard and mustache) Obscured faces

Number or any part of the number Issuing country Obscured plate

Noise Scream Gunshots Glass breaking

Digital sensor inputs Access control events Ticketing system events Alarm system events Barcode/RFID scanners

Multiple camera tracking

Not applicable

Not applicable

Not applicable

Why IREX? enables a truly global search of video content objects through thousands of locations. Unlike conventional video management systems (VMS), Irex is based on next generation technologies, widely adopted today by IT giants such as Google and Amazon.

Header Private Cloud Platform

Сonventional Video Management Systems

Video Content Search Engine

Global search through all the sites
Big data indexing
Facet object filtering

Site-wide search only
No multi-site search
No big data search capabilities


Docker lightweight containers
Less hardware resources required

No orchestration available
No automatic deployment scaling and management


Kubernetes production grade orchestration
Automating deployment, scaling, and management

No orchestration available
No automatic deployment scaling and management


Ceph object storage
Inexpensive, scalable and self-healing

RAID-based file systems
Expensive, non-scalable and difficult to repair


Cassandra database
Linear scalability and proven fault-tolerance

MS SQL Server or similar
Difficult to scale and to backup


Video and audio analytics based on deep learning
Higher accuracy and better generalization

Video and audio analytics based on feature analysis
Lower accuracy and generalization

Server Performance

Linux family
Open source

Windows family
Proprietary software

Client Platforms

Linux family
Open source

Windows-based app required
to access all capabilities

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