Secure Social Distancing

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AI-Powered Collaboration Platform for Public Safety

Everyday hardworking people and their families enter different surroundings. From airports, to stadiums, hospitals and cinemas, people rely on venue and service providers to provide a quality, safe environment.

But crowds are in danger because of pandemics and hysteria. Business and franchises are in danger because of massive liabilities with social distancing measures without AI.

To answer these challenges, IREX has developed an AI-powered collaboration platform for safe social distancing with coronavirus (COVID-19) and other dangerous infections.

AI-Powered Social Distance Control

​Instant alarm if crowding is detected in public spaces during coronavirus (COVID-19) and other dangerous infections
Dashboard and statistics

Thermal Camera Fever Detection

Instant alarm if a person with a high temperature walks in a public space
Thermal and cctv video integration
Find and track the person on maps and floor maps, as well as initiate contact tracing for risk containment.

Messenger-based Collaboration for Response Teams

Person quarantine verification by photo upload
Push-notification with photos and person information
Public and private chats

Private Cloud

IREX is available on-demand: no server and storage hardware needed to be deployed across sports venues.The IREX private cloud architecture enables secure, resilient, and easy deployment across unlimited cameras and unlimited users on multiple devices. 

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