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Prevent. Detect. Intervene.

AI-Powered Collaboration Platform for Schools

The IREX platform watches over and protects your kids when you are unable to do so. Integrating powerful AI algorithms, IREX is able to monitor for invidiuals that have a history of child endangerment or convicted felons using a simple photo upload feature. For colleges, IREX is an invaluable tool to monitor campus activity and flag absences, emergencies and security risks.

Integrating with campus cameras, educational establishments can monitor attendance as well as keep a watchful eye for missing students that have wondered off, alerting the staff when the system detects a lower headcount. 

Participation Monitoring

School principals and college staff are able to monitor attendance as well as locate any given student on campus at any time. 

AI Powered Facial Recognition

The patented Searchveilliance feature means that only those that are designated to be on campus are allowed in. The invisible perimeter powered by IREX, will prevent, detect and intervene whem trespassers are detected.

Collaborative Security

Our incident command system is mobile. It provides organizations the IREX messenger on any mobile devices allowing for communication, push notifications, image and video and capturing.

AI Powered Facial Recognition

Searchveilliance™ is when you can find a person of interest by simply uploading a photo and receive instant results determining where and when this person was spotted.

Private Cloud

IREX is available on-demand: no server and storage hardware needed to be deployed across campuses.The IREX private cloud architecture enables secure, resilient, and easy deployment across unlimited cameras and unlimited users on multiple devices. 

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