Video-based Parking Vacancy Monitoring

Demos Architecture
IREX provides real-time data with the numbers of occupied and vacant parking lots from conventional  CCTV cameras. IREX parking video analytics can be used in streets and open parking areas.


High accuracy: our deep learning neural network is trained on a multi-million dataset to recognize different types of vehicles in different weather conditions from different angles of view.

Flexible: system administrators can specify multiple regions of interest corresponding to designated parking spaces. Regions and cameras can be assigned tags for easier administration and data aggregation.

Easy and low cost:  no additional sensors or barriers are required to monitor parking spaces. Existing cameras can be connected to the IREX cloud instantly. 


Helping drivers to find parking: IREX can be connected to city web portals, maps, parking apps, and digital billboards to provide directions for drivers in real-time.

Helping cities to manage parking facilities: IREX provides accurate statistics about parking usage to prioritize infrastructure projects and justify parking fees for each district.

Automating parking violation tickets: IREX can be used to detect parking violations and provide data to an external fining system.

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