Demo: IREX AI-powered Threat Detectors for Rapid Transit

The demo above showcases AI-powered modules developed by IREX for real-time threat detection on public transport:
  • Person on Rail Track
  • Person Entering a Tunnel
  • Abandoned Luggage
  • Dangerous Crowd Density
  • Large Queues
  • Social Distance Violation
  • Antisocial Behaviour  
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Active Shooters / Firearms
  • Missing People and Suspects

The video analytics modules are deployed across 50,000 cameras in the world's largest metros. Unlike mainstream video analytics, the IREX modules can recognize different types of public transport and do not generate false alarms when
  •  trains stop or pass on rail tracks
  • passengers are boarding a train

All the IREX modules like Abandoned Language and Missing People are optimized to work in an intense crowd environment. 

Learn more about the video analytics modules in the IREX Platform Documentation.