Irex featured in London Daily Post

Originally published: London Daily Post

It takes years of experience to be able to recognize opportunities with great potential for success and ability to provide great value to the world.

And it takes even more acumen to recognize the promising and groundbreaking technology for yet another “trendy” solution relying merely on buzzwords.

Gary Fowler is one of these people.

A serial entrepreneur with a number of successful startups and companies under his belt, Gary Fowler is one of the leading AI tech entrepreneurs who knows the true value of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, foreshadowing a future that will be driven by smart, AI-powered technologies. Gary’s focus especially in the last few years has been on the rising stars of the artificial intelligence industry and the solutions that revolutionize various industries, from marketing to employee engagement and security, one by one.

One of the most recent success stories under Gary’s wing is, the employee engagement and predictive analytics platform that applies the power of unsupervised machine learning to understand the happiness and productivity of company employees, help investigate the reasons behind how they feel, and guide managers in what to focus on when coaching and assisting their employees.

What makes it even more valuable in the context of today’s global pandemic and the shift in how the world operates is, it allows to reach and connect employees even (and especially) when the majority of the workforce has transitioned to remote work. With new obstacles in maintaining clear and steady communication with employees and the lines between work and life blurring due to this change, the smart system allows to quickly identify when employees begin to burn out and find new ways to re-engage them and ensure their mental health as they continue to meet all their goals.

But most importantly, the system combines its unique AI approach with regular internal surveys that gives a voice to the employees and creates a continuous feedback loop that provides actionable insights and tangible recommendations to managers and executives about areas of improvement and questions that need to be addressed in order to maintain the happiness and professional growth of employees all while developing the business.

And now, Gary is back at it with IREX, a leader platform in AI collaborative security solution providers and a new innovation uniquely suited to fulfill its potential in the current context.

IREX is the technology that will allow building smart cities that will become safe havens for people to live in in the near future. Powered by AI-backed smart video technology, IREX is a cloud-based platform that allows an unlimited number of cameras to connect and create a surveillance network that will provide insights into crowded public areas in real-time. This kind of monitoring with the use of smart cameras is a new and transformational method of fighting crime, maintaining public security, and most recently, also fighting the virus amidst a global health crisis.

“It’s incredible how many doors artificial intelligence can open, no matter what industry or area it is applied to,” says Gary. “Many companies tap into AI’s potential, but IREX is one of those that truly offers a unique solution to global problems through a sophisticated use of AI technology.”

What makes IREX especially unique is its scalability and ease of implementation thanks to its cloud-based architecture. With the amount of data globally increasing at an exponential rate and the challenges at finding storage space for it in order to maximize its use, IREX solves this problem immediately through its cloud solution, ensuring lower cost and more opportunities at the same time. As of right now, IREX is operating over 55,000 cameras across multiple public spaces such as airports, stadiums, and other areas that are usual sites for crowded gatherings.

What was created as a solution for crime and risk management in highly frequented areas has also become the leading solution in standing up to COVID-19 and slowing down the spread of the virus on a global scale–the smart solution allows for a number of new ways to manage the virus afflicting humanity and put up a battle against it.

For one, the system’s ability to automatically scan and analyze the space allows the identification of people in close proximity to each other, thus reminding them about the social distancing guidelines and helping local authorities enforce the six-feet-distance rule in attempts to slow the spread of the virus.

Furthermore, its unique algorithm allows to ensure secure and reliable contact tracing by identifying potential carriers of the virus and tracing back their key points of contact, thus creating a “map” of the virus’s development path and identifying the source it came from.

With the thermal camera capabilities, the system is quick in identifying individuals with elevated body temperature and detects fever in a matter of seconds, thus allowing authorities to potentially single out virus carriers by the most widespread symptom of the disease–fever.

Finally, with collaborative security as its main goal, the system itself serves as a messenger platform for response teams to take quick action and coordinate their steps in the process of containing risks associated with the virus and streamline their response process by ensuring more prompt and organized response to outbreaks.

With the world in need for powerful solutions to get through a global safety crisis, IREX is stepping into the arena at the right time with its AI-powered searchveillance technology and capability to support humanity in the fight against COVID-19 and build safer, smarter cities in the future. And it will continue expanding its reach under the wing of a serial entrepreneur who understands the urgent need for innovation and sees IREX as the solution that will meet this need.